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Nothing gives me more pleasure than a client who is excited about living in their renovated or new home.

Many of my clients become good friends. I have so many I don't get to see them all as much as I would like. Reference Judy Goodyear & David Stambaugh's note to me.

I have asked a few clients to tell me how they thought the process of designing a house went for them and were they satisfied with the result?

Following are some of their responses.

Typical responses from Angie's List:

January 29, 2013

Member Comments: From the first, Mark was friendly, punctual and while not the least expensive, I think his experience and insights are invaluable.
I plan to use Mark as we move forward with the renovation. He is bright, personable, professional and always responds to emails and questions in a timely manner. His input really helped me to clarify my thinking about the project.
He also helped me avoid making costly changes to the envelope of my house that were not actually necessary.

Description Of Work: I engaged Mark to develop preliminary renovation plans for a home I was about to purchase. The very first thing that impressed me was the knowledge Mark shared about the house simply from photographs. Mark prepared several 2-D sketches that I was able to use to discuss plans with the general contractor.

From the first, Mark was friendly, punctual and while not the least expensive, I think his experience and insights are invaluable. I plan to use Mark as we move forward with the renovation. He is bright, personable, professional and always responds to emails and questions in a timely manner. His input really helped me to clarify my thinking about the project. He also helped me avoid making costly changes to the envelope of my house that were not actually necessary.

Our previous home burned down but Mark did a beautifil job. He walked us through the process and was very informative. He took care of every detail. 38 years later we still enjoy our home and the way it was put together. Over the years he was able to add on a hot tube room and stay in contact with us over the years. It just wonderful. We have a fire place in our bedroom and living and always receive complements on how comfortable our home feels. At first people would drive by and ask to purchase the home. To date Mark will still ask if he can and potential clients to our home to see his work. Overall, he is very calm and easy to work with. He really has become a friend even though we don't get to see him too often.

We had a very good experience with Mark Beck. We gave him initial plans for a contemporary house that he was able to modify greatly. Mark worked with us to create a contempory home on the water (built on stilts) with many windows, that was still warm and comfortable. He was able to offer architecural design ideas that add greatly to the style of our home and that suit us perfectly. In addition to his design skill, he also coordinated with structural engineers and our contractor to make sure that house was correctly designed for the harsh conditions of being on the open bay. We are very happy with the final product and would certainly use him again, if we were to ever build another house.

The project started with a call to Mark Beck for a design for our new addition for our home on the Delaware River. He responded promptly and traveled to Pennsylvania for a weekend visit where he personally took the necessary measurements. He prepared several designs for the study/library that provided options for renovations inside the home or for an outside renovation. For the outside option he did separate drawings for placement on either side of the house. Working closely with him we agreed to make it an outside addition to the home. We chose a local builder to whom Mark personally provided the blue prints. Mark was a great help as we negotiated with the community organization to meet both local building requirements and ordnances and federal ones because the home is on a federally protected river.

Mark Beck stayed in contact with the builder by cell phone and personally answered questions as they arose. For the interior he worked closely with us in choosing wood strains for the book cases, interior lighting, cabinets and other aspects of interior design.

We are very pleased and now bask in the panorama of the river and the adjacent woods as we write new books in the new library.

The other reviews recieved on Angie's List were very similar. Every review is an 'A', the highest mark possible.

July 27, 2010

Thank you again for the produce!! My son is loving it and the people we had over on Saturday helped us finish the last of those wonderful tomatoes! I can't wait to try the recipes when our garden finally produces it's cherry tomatoes and cucumbers!

It was fun to have you here the other day. This house is really an adventure for us and it was great to share it with you and have you share ideas with us! Thank you so much for your advice and information - it has helped us put things in perspective as we move forward with budgeting our time and our money. Probably the most valuable advice you gave us was to focus on what we use the most - and right now that is our family room and our bathroom. Your perspective has helped us decide to wait on the basement until we have more resources to apply to it.

Thank you again for your time, your advice and the recipes.

Beth & Tim Lavery

January 12, 2009
From Lynne Farbman

We have the utmost respect for the expertise and competence of Mark Beck. Our project was created and developed with amazing insight and imagination, and incorporated all of our needs. Mr. Beck was realistic, honest and open to our ideas. He seemed to welcome our input and many questions. We developed great confidence in his judgment and taste. We have found him to be a person of  integrity with high ethical standards. Our addition is functional, practical, as well as very beautiful and perfect for the setting. We would recommend Mr. Mark Beck with great enthusiasm.

Steve Bailey
January, 2009

"To Anyone Interested in Building a Wonderful House:

My wife and I found working with Mark Beck to be a great experience. All three of us participated in the design of our house. Early in the process, Mr. Beck helped us understand what we really wanted in the house, and later he was completely cooperative as our ideas changed and evolved. We would ask about moving rooms from one side of the house to the other, and he'd give us two or three options showing how that could be done. We didn't want gutters hanging on the edge of the roof; he came up with a novel solution. The whole process worked that way. We got what we wanted, but polished and made to look good and work better thanks to Mr. Beck. And many of the best ideas were entirely his."

Oddly enough, people familiar with Mr. Beck's work can look at our house and say, "That's a Mark Beck house," even though, of course, it was really a three-person project.

"Mark -

I want to personally thank you for the wonderful work you did in designing the renovation of my entire house. You really listened and understood our most important goals, while giving us the most wonderful suggestions for things we would not have thought of. The end result… even the contractor who constructed the renovations was amazed at how wonderful it came out. I am very pleased at how well the entire space functions, even though the house is not all that large. We got everything we wanted and more. I would highly recommend that anyone considering a major home renovation consult a professional architect, and there is no doubt that if I ever had to do it again I would choose you. Thanks again. We are enjoying the house immensely and every one who comes over is extremely complimentary with regard to how great it looks while keeping with the character of the house, especially where the old blends seamlessly with the new.

Sincerely, Norie Calvert"

January, 09

"Dear Mark,
Hope the New Year finds you well. I had sent you a card last year which was returned. So finally got your new address straight, I think. Just wanted you to know that we are doing well.

We love, cherish, and appreciate our home. It still isn’t quite finished. We work hard, run out of money, stop for a while and start again. But even so it is beautiful and we are very happy. We keep waiting to have a party till it is done- but we might be very old- anyway if you are up this way we would love to have you see it.

Wishing you a happy new year.
Judy Goodyear & David Stambaugh"

Some sparkling reviews posted on houzz.com

Relationship: Client
Project Date: March 2012
Project Price Range: more than $100,000
Mark Beck Associates can be counted on to help any person design and implement either a total house construction, an addition, or renovation. Mark brings a thoughtful approach to space, with function and clean lines as vital as overall space. He is mindful of conservation, and creative ways to create space without adding unnecessary square footage. Most importantly, he listens to client ideas, goals, and tastes and is a terrific partner in this way as an architect. He works efficiently and is cost effective. We built our family home with Mark Beck Associates in Maryland in the late 1980s and have since added an outside wrap around porch Beck designed in 2012. We originally selected his firm because of their use of passive solar design, and sensitivity to the environment. This awareness is a great addition to any construction design project undertaken today.

Relationship: Client
Project Date: March 2006
Project Price Range: more than $100,000
Has designed three houses for us. The first was built into t he south wall of the Greenspring Valley. It was a difficult build and he did a marvelous job, including overseeing t he contractor. The second home was a remodel of a very old house with the addition of a master bedroom suite. Again, he designed, including interior design ideas, and oversaw the construction of what became a showplace. Our current home is a townhouse in which Mark redesigned the interior including making room for an elevator, adding skylights to open the interior to more light.

Relationship: Client
Project Date: September 2002
Project Price Range: more than $100,000
Mark designed a large addition to my home. I did not want it to be "typical", and I had an idea in my head that Mark had to "pull" out and put to paper. It was fabulous to say the least! All aspects were dealt with in a professional manner, including the structural engineering. I highly recommend Mark Beck for anything from a small addition to a large project. I am confident that others will find his work to be spectacular!

Mark Beck Associates- Architects, LLC serves the Baltimore, Washington DC, & Annapolis metro areas.

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