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The majority of my work is located in the Baltimore, Washington D.C., & Annapolis metropolitan areas. For projects beyond these areas we usually work with a local architect or designer. Clients find the costs of our services to be reasonable and fair.

It is my philosophy that building a custom home, doing a renovation and/or addition should be one of the most exciting adventures that an individual or couple ever embarks upon. A home is a special statement about you, your life, your interests, and your hopes and dreams. To that end, we carefully listen to your needs and requirements and then with you, create a design that is a true expression of your particular desires and lifestyle.


Originally the present firm was called "Potter & Beck". Later the name was changed to "Mark Beck Associates", and later yet, to "Beck, Powell & Parsons, Inc." Mark Beck has returned to the modified name "Mark Beck Associates- Architects, LLC" after handing over the reins of "Beck, Powell & Parsons, Inc." to his son Eric Beck, who follows in his footsteps. Mark Beck is now free to follow his love of residential design along with some religious and community based projects.


It is important to us that our clients are comfortable and enjoy the entire process. Our job is to present feasible options so that we can mutually choose the best solutions for the design of our client's home.

Regardless of the type or size of a project, our job is to present our client with a project that meets their needs and expectations.


Our culture has come to believe that quantity supersedes quality, and in some instances we agree, especially where the expected use is temporary. However, this is not the case in architecture. Being modest in size allows a higher quality of development and a more ‘green’ approach to building design. For these reasons we encourage our clients to carefully consider their needs and work toward creating the smallest project that will provide comfort and efficiency.

Regardless of the type or size of a project, our job is to present our client with a project that meets their needs and expectations.


In teaching young architects I emphasize that our business is one of communication as well as design. Our ability to listen is paramount! When the client’s requirements and constraints are clearly determined the design portion comes rather easily.

The steps in arriving at the final product, in very basic form, are as follows:

Initial Program

It is during this period that the requirements relative to sizes of spaces, client lifestyle, budget, site parameters, code requirements and any related issues arev determined.

Preliminary Design

The Preliminary Design phase determines the arrangement of spaces, massing of the elements. Help! What are the elements? I need to understand the massing of elements, placement on the site, outline specification of materials and systems(electrical and plumbing), and other specific requirements.

Detail Design

The elevations of the building are determined at this point along with detailed floor plans, location and size of windows and doors, electrical lighting plans, all of which deepen the specifics of the plan

Construction Documents

At this stage the existing documents are expanded to add the detail necessary for the contractors to bid and build the project. The resultant bid includes timing and filing for building permits.

Field Administration

Here the architect resolves questions arising out of the construction process. This includes meeting with the contractor and visiting the project site to coordinate Issues relative to achieving the design intent. Also included are the review of submissions for payment from the contractor and the approval of materials.

Note: There is often overlap in the above work as the project is refined and moves forward.

Type of Projects

Our job is to serve the client's needs. This may be no more that a one hour consultation. At the other extreme is the complete design of a new home. In between are many variations including of additions and renovations. To us, all are equally important.


The firm is noted for its work in energy conservation and green design. Considerations must be given to the possible use of multiple sources of energy, building materials and building design elements, control systems, the use of glass, control systems, natural lighting, landscaping and many factors. This topic is one with a growing body of literature. We would be happy to discuss it with you in detail.

The two most recent residences completed used geo-thermal heating & cooling systems. One of these houses has an active solar system to supplement their electrical needs.


Gratefully, I believe our clients are interested in working together to create homes they will enjoy for many years. They rarely have unlimited budgets. In fact the opposite is usually true.

They want their homes that easily adapt to their present and future needs. Moreover, they require homes that are easy to maintain, energy efficient and reflective of their lifestyle and interests.

It is our pleasure to bring these homes to life – together!


  • My professional studies followed my graduation from The Baltimore Polytechnic Institute.
  • University of Cincinnati B.S. Six year coop program
  • Catholic University MA Architecture
  • Catholic University MA Urban Design
  • Loyola University MA Business Administration.
  • E# University
  • I have four children and four grandchildren whom I greatly enjoy. I am a member of Third Haven Friends Meeting in Easton, Md.

    Throughout my career I have been heavily involved in community work, mostly concerned with issues involving children and their development into caring, contributing adults. I also have held many posts in the Baltimore and Maryland area at many non-profit, charity based institutions.

    Mark Beck Associates- Architects, LLC serves the Baltimore, Washington DC, & Annapolis metro areas, as well as the Eastern Shore of MD.

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