Religious and Other Facilities   Project Title: Washington New Church & School

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The Washington New Church & School is located at 11914 Chantilly Lane in Bowie/Mitchellville, MD. It is a congregation of the worldwide Church of the New Jerusalem. The Pastor is Mike Gladish.

After extensive interviewing of architectural design teams, the church selected Beck Powell & Parsons Inc. in affiliation with Mark Beck Associates- Architects, LLC to be the architects for their project. It has been a wonderful partnership between the architects and the church.

Main features of the project include:

  • Reorienting the pulpit and the nave to achieve a more communal form of seating in lieu of the older more traditional long axis arrangement of pews.
  • Creation of a large lobby to improve socialization before and after services.
  • The addition of two classrooms along with supporting space to support the church's school.
  • A new front office arrangement to allow easy access to the church secretary.
  • Rework of most other spaces to improve storage & functionality.

The work that has been done is considered Phase 1 of the Master Plan developed by the architects. Future phases will include a better definition of the main entrance, additional classrooms, and expansion of the sanctuary, along with additional supporting spaces.















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