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Religious and Other Facilities   Project Title: John Wesley


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Mark Beck Associates is proud of its participation in the restoration of the John Wesley Church. Our work, along with many other contributors, was done on a pro bono basis.

The Church is located on Oxford Road a couple of miles before the town of Oxford, MD.

There are two structures on the grounds, the church and a small community building, plus a two seat outhouse. Many graves are located on the site coming right up to the buildings.

Both buildings were raised up to allow access to the undersides of the floors and to prevent damage to the structure.

An arched sanctuary at the rear of the church is both dignified and modest. A piano sits in a corner next to the sanctuary. The building was originally heated by a potbellied stove.

The double hung windows contain commemorative panes of stained glass. At the top of a winding stair a balcony the nave below. A beaded diagonally installed adds interest to the interior of the church.

A cornerstone for the present church is dated 1875.























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